Release Portfolio Management
Manage your Software Releases the right Way!

RolloutMan is a Release portfolio management software specifically designed for Release Managers to manages all software releases in your company effectively reducing potential expensive release errors and improving productivity.

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RolloutMan - a Release Manager's Most Essential Tool

RolloutMan takes care of all the pain around release management and helps to
co-ordinate and run a successful implementation

Saves you Time & Effort

Forget need for extensive cordination between different team members around Project Rollout tasks. Software developers / release participants collaborate between themselves on the shared online portals to create the rollout tasks for you.

As a release manager, you only need to manage / identify overlaps - things that you are really are interested in. Specifics of the tasks are all managed by the developers / implementors themselves.

Screenshot: Kanban based rollout Task Implementation

Single Co-ordinated View

RolloutMan gives a single dashboard view of all releases being managed - Centrally, not just the ones you are managing, but also all the ones Your Colleagues are managing Across the board.

This helps you identify and plan around dependencies & bump overs, especially in the event of Emergency Changes.

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Rolloutman Project Dashboard

Execute Rollouts Seamlessly

RolloutMan manages your entire Rollout lifecycle. Starting from just adding a placeholder for a potential rollout, to concrete rollout plans all the way to implementation. The entire lifecycle is managed and cordinated, across multiple project rollouts, multiple releases.

This also gives you additional benefits of analysing data around all these rollouts and releases.

Lifecycle of a Typical Project Rollout
Abridged Lifecycle of a Typical Project Rollout as handled by rolloutMan

Connect Your Users

Let collaboration kick in. Let the developers in all different Timezones Manage the Rollout Tasks, they know best about, themselves. A Script by one Developer to be executed by another Developer, a Database entry to be added, a Configuration to be set before a script is run etc.

RolloutMan provides all the collaboration tasks including Chat, email etc. Collaboration is at the heart of the Product.

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