1.3. Initial Configuration

Follow the steps here to start using rolloutMan.
Step 1: User Registration - Admin User
  • Register on the website using the registration link, which is also available from the website - https://www.rolloutman.com 
User registration Screen

Figure 1.7. User registration Screen

  • Once registered you will receive an email at the registered email id. Verify your email to start using rolloutMan
  • Do note that in most cases, only one User is sufficient to be registered for a company / enterprise. All further users can be created / defined by this one user. 
rolloutMan assumes that the first user registered is the "Administrator" user. All further users can be added by this user. More users could be made as Administrator or with other roles.  Refer User and Roles section for more details on users and roles.
Form Fields : Registration Form
First Name Enter First name
Last Name Enter Last name
Email address Enter email address. This field will be the "username" for logging in.
Company Name of the company. If someone else has already registered as a release administrator for this company, then you are added as another release administrator for the same company. All the other admins are notified of your registration.
Project Identifier Prefix Prefix used as a Identifier for every new Rollout Created. This is usually either the abbreviation for the enterprise / company or the first three characters of the company name. This field is specific to the company profile and is usually not editable once registered.
Password  Enter login password for the user
Timezone User's timezone. rolloutMan is a timezone aware system. Allows participants in different timezones to participate in releases in their own timezones.
Step 2: Initial Configuration
Once you login into the application using the login page, you will be directed to the rollout Dashboard.
Go to the Configuration section as shown in the image below, for performing initial configuration.
Configuration Screen

Figure 1.8. Configuration Screen

NOTE: If you have access to the "Administration section", it is recommended that none of these sections are changed. Changes to these sections without the involvement of the Platform team, may result in application not being functional.
Read through the Fundamental Concepts section, and configure all the different entries as applicable. At the minimum the following have to be configured, in order for you to start creating rollouts.