2.4. Risk Type

This field classifies the Business Risk associated with a rollout. A risk type is a input field while creating a rollout.
This field is primarily a statistic which can be used as a measure for undertanding the impact on business because of the current rollout in an enterprise. 
To view all the risk types in the system, navigate to Configuration > Rollout > Risk Types menu entry.
A default set of risks are provided with the installation. 

Rollout Risk Type

Figure 2.4. Rollout Risk Type

A user can define additional or custom risk types and fine tune the definitions based on their requirements and maturity of their release practice. This enables a user to customize rolloutMan with any additional statistics that they may want to gather around classifying their rollouts.
In order to achieve this, navigate to Configuration > Rollout > Risk Types page. Use the "Add Risk type" button, which brings up the page as below. 
Complete the field name and click "Save" button.
Click on "Cancel" button to go back to the main menu. 
Add Risk Type

Figure 2.5. Add Risk Type