2.7. Environment

"Environment" is the different software environments in an enterprise.
There are two types of Environments available, which have slightly different roles. It is very important to understand the difference between these two different environment types and their uses.
Rollout Project & Releases
Environment used at the Rollout Level.  This environment gains significance depending upon the type of rollout.
If the rollout involves only a single application, this environment will be the same as the Application &Tasks Environment (below).
If the rollout involves multiple applications, and each application has a different set of environments, then this will be a generic environment, for e.g. System Test (or) UAT etc.
Application & Tasks
This is a masterlist of application specific environments. 
It is a well known fact that not all applications have (can have) all the environments in an enterprise. So, this is the list of applications environments, which are then associated with different environments under the "Applications and Environments" relationships section.
To access the list of all the environments, go to Configuration > Application > Environments 

Figure 2.8. Environments

To add a new environment, use the "Add Environment" button. 
Add New Environment

Figure 2.9. Add New Environment

The following are the fields in Add Environment form:
Environment Name Name of the environment. 
Environment Identifier A short identifier for the environment. This Identifier will be used across the product in different forms for identifying the environment. The Identifier should be unique across all environments.
Background Color
This field is applicable only for rollouts of type - Project & Releases. 
This color will be used as the background for the rollout in calendar's and on top bar of rollout pages, to clearly give an indication of the current rollouts.
Choose from one of :
  1. Rollout Project & Releases
  2. Application & Tasks
Refer above for more details of each of these types.
Yes or No.
A Environment will show up throughout the application only if the Environment is enabled.