2.8. Application Environment Relationships

This section captures the relationship between Applications and Environments
As releases could happen on any environments, and for specific application environments, or a combination of application / environments (for e.g. in the case of a integration), it is quite important to associate Applications and their environments.
This is one of the minimal configuration that we recommend one should perform before starting to use the rolloutMan application.
In order to access the current list of relationships, go to - Configuration > Application > Application / Environment Relationships.
Application Environment Relationships

Figure 2.10. Application Environment Relationships

Add a relationship each for each of the applications and their respective environments. Add important information for e.g Server URLs and Access information. 
Add new App Env relationship

Figure 2.11. Add new App Env relationship

The following are the fields in Add Application / Environment relationship form:
Application name Name of the Application to add the relationship
Application Environment 
List of environments from the Environment section, which have a type : Applications and Tasks.
Assign a approprriate environment for the application and save the details.
It is recommended that all the environments for the application be added.
Server Access URL
URL for accessing the application in this environment. This is to capture some amount of information which can be used in the rollout  / release notes. 
For On-prem or custom hosted environments, more fields can be added as part of customizations on request.
User Name to access as 
Name of the user to access the environment. This is important for testing, and most commonly in User testing phases, when testing is conducted by Non-technical users.
More information
Any other information, relevant to accessing or using this environment for this application, which could be useful in a rollout.
Do not add any release specific information here. Do note that this application/ environment relationship will be used across multiple rollouts and is not specific to a single rollout.