Chapter 3. Define Users & Groups

Users and groups are managed from the rolloutMan app under the Configuration section. 
There are two ways of adding a user for a Hosted application (shared hosted - or - private cloud hosted):
  • Adding a Local User to rolloutMan
  • Adding a User from LDAP / AD to rolloutMan
SSO is not available for the hosted rolloutMan application with Organization's AD / LDAP. This feature is only available for On-Prem applications. Please contact us for more information on this feature.
Once a user is added to the system, the user is assigned a role.
Choose from either of - Admin, SysAdmin, User or Planner roles.
Local Users
To view the list of all the local users, go to Configuration > Security > Users.
Security Users

Figure 3.1. Security Users

Add a new Local User
Click on "Add Local User" to add a local user.
Add Local User

Figure 3.2. Add Local User

Form fields to complete are:
First Name Enter First name
Last Name Enter Last name
Email address Enter email address. This field will be the "username" for logging in.
Password Enter login password for the user
Contact Number
Add contact number.
This is a optional field. This value would be shown on rollout screens to all participants / release admins, in case they need to contact the user during a rollout.
Organization Name of the company. If someone else has already registered as a release administrator for this company, then you are added as another release administrator for the same company. All the other admins are notified of your registration.
User timezone User's timezone. rolloutMan is a timezone aware system. Allows participants in different timezones to participate in releases in their own timezones.
User Type
Choose as many roles as applicable to the user. The list of available roles are :
  • Admin
  • Sys Admin
  • User
  • Planner
Refer roles definition for more information about each of these roles. 
Local Groups
To view the list of all the local groups, go to Configuration > Security > Groups.
Security Groups

Figure 3.3. Security Groups

Add a new Local Group
Click on "Add Local Group" to add a local group.
Security Groups

Figure 3.4. Security Groups

Form fields are:
Name Group Name
Description Short Description for reference
Email Enter email address. This field will be used to communicate / provide updates during rollouts.
Role Type
Select the role for this group. Options are:
  • Admin
  • User
  • Observer
Refer Roles chapter for more information on roles details.
For information about AD / LDAP users & groups contact us.