4.5. Move Rollout Dates

Moving Rollout Dates
This is a key feature of rolloutMan, which allows for rollout dates to be moved to future, along with all its tasks. 
This feature provides a strong basis for release planning. It is a common occurence that a release gets moved to a future or a past date. In conventional scenarios, it is really difficult to manage such changes and includes quite a bit of rearrnaging of dates and tasks. 
rolloutMan allows for achieving this with just a single click. 
A rollout can only be moved when the rollout is in the planning phase i.e. the rollout has a status of "Open for Edit".
Moving Rollout dates

Figure 4.9. Moving Rollout dates

Simply change the dates in the rollout window to move the rollout dates to a future or previous date.
Rollout window cannot be moved to a past date.
Adjust project task time respectively
Click "Adjust project task time respectively" to move the entire rollout to a future or a previous date.
Not checking the "Adjust project task time respectively" doesnt move the dates, but just the start or the end date times. This is to provide flexibility to the rollout start and end times, without impacting the tasks within the rollout. 
For e.g. if the rollout window currently has 25 tasks and say there are 3 more tasks to be added, which needs more room within the rollout window, then simply change the End date in rollout window and save the project (without selecting the "Adjust project task time respectively" checkbox).